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Countdown Until Kerry Angelos can file for Bankruptcty for the 3rd time*

Countdown Until Conner Murphy, LLC can file for Bankruptcy


Countdown Until Status Homes, LLC can file for Bankruptcy


“Kerry Angelos is back in Boise and he's building homes and screwing people again. He's running the town again lying, lying, and lying. Please keep the site up and keep it active. There are hundreds of people who need to hear the news that Kerry is the ultimate scumbag!!!” - Previous Angelos Victim, September, 2016

Editor’s Note - Due to the public’s outrage of Kerry Angelos’ return to Idaho, this website will be updated. Please feel free to leave a comment, visit again and spread the word..

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*Assuming 8 years from the date of his last personal bankruptcy filing. (04/29/2011)